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PDX Car Culture welcomes, and encourages you to share the story of your special vehicle or car club with us here online!  We would like each car or club feature to have several photos.  Such as all the build and performance specs for the car, plus your story as the owner, or the history of your club, and the number of members, special events, club mission. Here are our requirements:

  • The vehicle should have some cool factor or a unique story.
  • Club must be active and have at least 10 members.
  • Cars or Club must be located within the Pacific NW.
  • At least one photo has to include a person - owner, builder, spouse, or family will do. The reason is this site exists to promote our car community, so we'd like people to know about you, as well as your special ride. Please identify the people in the photographs. If you use a model in the photo, they must be local, and we will need a copy of the model release.
  • Keep it family friendly. Pinup style photos are a part of custom car culture, but there is a limit for a family friendly site. PDX Car Culture will review all photos for acceptance.
  • Photos should be of good quality. If you need professional quality photos of your vehicle, please let us know, and we can schedule a photo shoot for a fee.

If you know someone who's car is worthy of being featured, let them know about PDX Car Culture, or give us their contact information and we will send out a request.

Use the contact form on the right to let us know about a car or collection you would like to see featured here.

Cars & People

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Austin Gasser
Author :: Administrator Account
Uploaded on :: Tue 11/06/2012 @ 06:35
Found my Austin in an equipment supply store on the road from McMinnville to Amity in late summer of 2010. I was looking for a retirement project, and wanting to build a 60's style gasser for the street. The Austin was a little earlier body style than I was looking for, but I knew once I saw it that it was exactly what I wanted. After contacting the seller, my neighbor and I hooked up his trailer and headed to look at the Austin up close. The car was pretty tired, but fairly straight, and no rust. It still had the original paint and interior, and the owner said the engine had been rebuilt. We struck a deal, and loaded it up for the trip home. .  

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Russell Hutchinson's 82 Tercel
Author :: Russell Hutchinson
Uploaded on :: Sat 07/28/2012 @ 12:51
Hello. My name is Russell Hutchinson. This is my 82 tercel. It was/is my first car. I got it in 87. I took my driving test in it. I learned to drive a stick in it. My kids came home from the hospital in it. Drove my two year old to his heart surgery in it years ago. He didn't make it. I drove it back home after that. Single hardest drive of my life.

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Fred's 1967 Plymouth Barracuda
Author :: Fred Moody
Uploaded on :: Tue 07/03/2012 @ 05:17
I was told by a co-worker about this car for sale back in 1985. I had never seen one, my interest was peaked after doing some checking and found that they are pretty rare only 4228 were built.  

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1928 Dodge Brothers Sedan "Mighty Giant"
Author :: Don & Thelma Misener.
Uploaded on :: Thu 06/21/2012 @ 07:15
  . . . When we think back . . . on August, 2003, it seems we were destined to save this most forsaken, unloved, mighty giant from the past . . .


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Jeff Zurschmeide's 1959 MGA Roadster
Author :: Jeff Zurschmeide
Uploaded on :: Fri 06/22/2012 @ 02:52

For each of us in the car hobby, something happened to make us who we are. Something that captured our imagination, or warped us forever, depending on how you look at it. For me, it was my father's purchase of a crusty old 1959 MGA roadster in 1973. I was 9 years old at the time. I handed him wrenches and watched as he rebuilt the engine and worked on the brakes.

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