Portland Cars & Coffee
Start Date/Time: Saturday, December 24, 2022 8:00 AM
End Date/Time: Saturday, December 24, 2022 11:00 AM
Recurring Event: Recurring Event Every 1 week(s) on Saturday until 12/31/2022 (total 52 events)
Importance: Normal Priority

Langer Entertainment Center

21650 SW Langer Farm Parkway, Sherwood OR

Every Saturday 8:00 - 11:00 AM

Yes, even if it is raining.

Portland Cars and Coffee is about the community of auto enthusiasts that enjoy cars, coffee, and conversation. We are all adults here. Let's be sure to act respectfully and in an adult-like manner. Most importantly, have fun.

This FB group is intended to support the weekly event. Mark Scholz, Lisa Scholz, and Mason O'Lennick are the managers of the event, with the support of a volunteer staff called Ground Control.

We have some simple, common sense rules in this group:

1- RESPECT: Be respectful at all times. Treat others with respect, as adults. Posts including extreme, profane, or offensive conduct will be removed immediately, along with the member.

2- GROUP MEMBERSHIP: To be added to this Group, you must (1) agree to follow our rules, (2) live in the greater Portland metro area, and (3) show on your FB profile that you are a car enthusiast of some sort.

3- RELATED: Posts are to be related to the event. Unrelated posts may be removed without notification. “Stance” pictures, "Spotted" pictures, and Roll Call posts are unrelated. All geo-tagged photo posts will be removed; please respect owners privacy.

4- OTHER EVENTS: Do not post other events into this group. Only the Admins may post outside events.

5- CHARITY / FUNDRAISING: Charity and fundraising posts require prior approval from the admins.

6- LEGAL: Please refrain from any posting about illegal behavior- burnouts, drifting, street racing.

7- BUSINESS: Business posts are NOT allowed within the group. Only our Sponsors and Partners can post within the group.

8- BUY / SELL / TRADE: We are an event page, not a swap meet or marketplace. Cars and parts for sale will be removed. NO CAR OR PARTS SALES AT THE EVENT

9- REMOVAL: Failure to follow the rules may result in a post and/or member being removed.

10- ADMINS: For any questions about a posting, please bring it to the attention of the admins. We are nice people, and will return the respect.

At the event, we have some additional rules to follow. Portland Cars & Coffee is on private property. We have permission to be gathering on this property as long as we follow these rules:

1- Absolutely no burnouts at or near our location, ever. We are partners with the police.

2- Park only in designated parking spaces. Stay clear of the fire lanes, walkways, and garbage area.

3- No unnecessary revving of engines or loud stereos in the parking lot.

4- Pick up your trash like Mom taught you!

5- No drones, even if you have an FAA license or approval.

6- No cones, flags, or display tables

7- No reserved parking or saving spaces

8- No for sale signs -- cars or automotive parts in the lot

9- No handing out flyers or business materials without prior approval

10- Please do not touch cars without owner's permission 



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